it got better

Cable company ran the line today. Only 4 more days until the installation.

My plate came in today. Pictures after the car has been washed. *grin* I think I have to go to the DMV Plate agency tomorrow and turn in the old one. At least, that’s what I’m guessing. They didn’t tell me what to do with it or anything…

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4 Responses to it got better

  1. gardenwaltz says:

    I got a vanity tag and the old one is just kicking around the house somewhere. i wasn’t able to find any mention of what to do with it and it’s been months so apparently they don’t mind.

  2. frijole says:

    they’ll keep charging you property taxes until you return the tag, or report it as lost or stolen.

    we had a hassle of a time shuffling cars and tags around, and a relative of mine collects license plates. we reported one as ‘lost or stolen’ and sent it off to him. 6 months later when we sold the truck I had been driving, it turned out they had reported the wrong plate, and transferred the other one or something, so I had been driving for 6 mos with a ‘lost or stolen’ license plate on the car


    and when my vanity plate ran out and i went back to a normal one, i just told ’em I lost it, and here it is hanging on my wall in all its L33TG33K glory

    so you might want to call up the plate agency nearest you and ask them about it

  3. z_kungfu says:

    Actually the property tax is on the vehicle not the plate. If you sell a vehicle and the title/registration is not transfered they will continue to charge you. But they won’t charge you twice for keeping the plate, they won’t do anything about one once you get a vanity plate.

  4. frijole says:

    yet another fine example of how f’d harnett county is, that was how they managed the taxes supposedly, was by the plate, even though they are for the car, or something like that

    that was how we found out we had “lost” the wrong plate when the tax bill came for the wrong vehicle

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