To the mountains and back again

Drove to Hickory Friday night. Mostly uneventful, except the expected child hyperactivity. Tossed and turned even after we got the kids to sleep.

Woke early Saturday, and got everyone ready and off to breakfast. Met my parents in the lobby, ate the free breakfast (wow, what a spread – the Hickory Courtyard rocks), and got in the van for the drive to Blowing Rock and Tweetsie Rail Road. As soon as we got there, and Jake saw the sign, he got excited because is was to see


Our turn to ride wasn’t until 1:30, so we had some time to kill. Took Ray and Jake up the mountain to ride some rides. Ray really enjoyed them.

There was a Jet Plane Ride…

My sister and her husband and their kids showed up around lunctime. The boys were glad to see each other.

the boys

Soon it was our turn to ride Thomas (no pics, just video elsewhere). That was fun, and Jake talked about it all night long. We had to buy him the Tweetsie Engine as well as another of Thomas’ friends.

Ray wanted to be a cowboy.
Ray wanted to be a cowboy

Then we went a played more games, rode more rides, and just wore ourselves out. Finally it was time to come down the mountain and head back to Hickory.

Jake and daddy walk down the mountain

Lots of tired cranky people last night, and again this morning, when we packed up, ate breakfast, and drove home.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Ray had fun riding rides, and Jake…well, Jake was around trains, riding trains, being near trains….

One last photo, because it’s my favorite of all the ones we took.

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  1. detritus says:

    Daww :)

  2. murriel says:

    Yes, the Hickory Courtyard rocks. That’s why I always stay there when I teach in Hickory. It sounds like you guys had a fun time. Love the pics!

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