So My copies of Matrix Revolutions and The Last Dragon came in yesterday. Since I didn’t see Revolutions in the theater, I watched it last night.

Overall, I enjoyed it right up to the point where Trinity dies. Oh holy hell, that was overdone. I mean, it was all I expected from a Matrix movie, and I had put my brain on hold until we get to that exact moment. And that scene – that one scene – ruins the movie. Oh, I can see killing her off, but shit, couldn’t we have put that monologue somewhere else?

A twist here, a twist there…and I did like that final ending. Overall, enjoyable, but one scene pretty much took the movie from “acceptable” to “suckage” and then back to “acceptable.”

And it left a nice, fun setting for RPGs, Online Games, and spinoffs. Gotta love that.

Tonight, The Last Dragon I think. Or one of the other movies on my “to watch” pile.

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4 Responses to Movies

  1. badger says:

    The one scene you refer to is the biggest issue I have with the film – it’s horribly delivered, and just doesn’t work. Otherwise, M and I seem to be in a distinct minority of people who thought the film was an overall appropriate wrapup for the trilogy.

  2. bagelhead says:

    i suppose i’d count myself in that minority as well… i dug the movie overall, and will be purchasing it as soon as i’m able, to add to the collection of the other two [also need to get the animatrix at some point] but i wasn’t too keen on the way they killed her, either… but yes, it was a good closer…

    although i very much wonder if the christ-like symbolism at the end is a hint that they’ll somehow resurrect Neo, or if it’s just a tribute to the fact that he already died in the first one, and rose again… dunno…

  3. heinous says:

    If you like The Last Dragon, you’ll love Millennium!


  4. alchemist says:

    Actually, I’ve liked Teh last Dragon since I first saw it back in the 80’s – it’s actually a fun, campy, kung-fu movie. And it was pretty groundbreaking technically at the time.

    And anyway, Sho’nuff is the man.

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