Because I ahve to ask….

About Kevin Sonney

Kevin Sonney - who, contrary to popular opinion was NOT raised by wolves - grew up in central North Carolina. He fell into the technology field by accident in 1991, when he gave up the wild and crazy lifestyle of an on-air AM radio DJ to become a mundane technical support monkey. The technology industry has never really recovered from this. Kevin has worked for such names as IBM, Red Hat, webslingerZ, and Lulu Technologies (we won't mention the ones that didn't survive the experience). He currently works as a Linux Administrator for Apptio. In his spare time he rescues stray animals and plays video games with his two sons. His wife, we're sad to say, helps him get past the really hard bits. Kevin is still not very mundane, he just got better at hiding it.
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4 Responses to Because I ahve to ask….

  1. beccaj says:

    My best gf, Meredith, is kindofa biker chick and thinks nipple rings on guys is super sexy.

    On the other hand, most of the men possessing nipple rings (with whom I am acquainted) are gay. That could be probably be more accurately stated as “the guys I know who SHOW me their nipple rings.”

  2. alchemist says:

    This poll is mostly informational only – I asked Renee what she thought and she was like “are you gonna tell me you’re gay next??” and I’m like, wierded out that she would even think that.

    But then again, given your statement, I suppose she has good reason….*grin*

  3. z_kungfu says:

    Hmmmm. no real answer for me. Been there done that, got the scar, or deformed nipple as the case may be. Did it in the 80’s when it definately was different, but it was more of a hassle than a help. Don’t know if I would do it again or not, can’t really give you a yay or nay….

  4. maywee says:

    My husband has both nipples pierced and I think it’s damn sexy.
    My belly button is pierced, but I cannot fathom the pain involved in having one’s nipples skewered.

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