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I am becoming fascinated with Warhammer. Not the modeling side so much as the actual game play.

I wonder if there’s some variation that doesn’t require a shit-load of stuff to play, or someone who can show me the ropes and loan me an army for a short skirmish. I just want to play the game, not invest days and hours in building and painting.

Well, maybe the modeling side will be a little more feasible when the boys are older. I think Ray would get a kick out of it. it is something we can do together. With his artistic side (which he doesn’t get from me!) he’ll probably love painting the models.

I think I’ll see if the budget allows for a copy of the rulebook. Not the starter box, but just the rulebook.

Man, I wish they had something like the SJ Games “lite” rule series.

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  1. bzial says:

    Well there are some Warhammer computer games.

    I’ve never played much Warhammer, but I did used to play a lot of Battletech back in the day. I was pretty poor though so I couldn’t buy a lot of fancy minatures or anything, so I had like my hex grids and mainly just pennies with paper marking the unit type. It let me learn the game pretty well without having to invest in a bunch of non-rulebook stuff.

  2. dionyses says:

    ya, warhammer is good fun. they are fun to paint, and i like the game play too. i’m always interested in the ways different games work and and stuff, so i was wondering if its the same for you? for me i could practically just collect games to “figure them out”, just learn how they work, the rules, and then just keep them and never really play.

  3. alchemist says:

    Yeah, I do that a little. Collect Games and not play them. OTOH, part fo that is a desire to play games on a regualr basis with other grown ups.

    Playing online just isn’t the same.

  4. alchemist says:

    This is true. My issue is that the Warhammer computer games seem more for the single unit vs. the Army general from what I can see. not that I can get my hands on any of them.

    We played a lot of battletech RPG, and not so much the Wargame bits. Then again, I had a GM that brought Ogres into the BT world. Which is bad for mecha. Very, Very bad for mecha…..

  5. maxdwolf says:

    My experience w. Warhammer was w. the roleplaying version rather than the wargaming. I found it very detailed, but inflexible. Smothered the creative aspects. All the details took from the role playing side. Also thought it was more human biased. All these observations are vs. AD&D. YMMV, I am probably in the minority.

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