Roy Mauled, Tiger imprissoned

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Comments after reading this : Roy of ‘Siegfried & Roy’ critical after mauling

Oh the one hand, that’s pretty rough, but on the other, well it was bound to happen eventually. Damn shame it had to happen on stage though.

This sounds weird, but I’ve worked with tigers. I used to do some volunteer work at Carnivore Preservation Trust (which is less than 5 miles from my house). No matter how tame, no matter how nice and well behaved, to a tiger, humans are food. Not an optimal food, but food none-the-less. They aren’t as likely to go after a human as a snow leopard is, but some will go after you even if they know they can’t get you (I experienced that first hand more than once – love you O’Reilly, mean it).

These guys have both been incredible trainers and very lucky with their animals up until now. I have nothing but admiration for them on that score. But sooner or later you’ll make a bad call, or misjudge an animal, and there you go.

It’s still a damn shame, and the worse part is if he dies, the tiger will die for S&R’s mistake.

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