I had a talk with Rick (my FiL) while we were building the swing set yesterday. He has also noticed Renee’s internet habits. So at least I know I’m not over-reacting. And it’s nice to have someone to talk to who’s in person.

And he mentioned that George had been doing something very similar before he killed himself. The IA was a contributing factor we think, although George was already unstable to begin with.

I think Rick still feels some guilt about not being able to save George from himself. On the other, he and I both agree that what happened seems to be for the best long term, which is a really hard to accept.

And we talked about how to get her through it – he thinks it’s a matter of time, but also had some helpful suggestions on how to easy through it.

I hope he doesn’t do anything I’ll regret, though. I think he understands the delicacy of handling his youngest daughter as much as I do. trying to get through to her with the least amount of pain and suffering on my part.

That was helpful for my mental state – to get the input of someone close who understands some of what I’m going through, and can see it happening.

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