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2 racks pork spare ribs
finely ground black pepper
hickory smoked salt
table or kosher salt
butter or margarine

Start the grill. Turn it all the way up for pre-heating.

Mix the following together : 1 part Smoked Salt, 2 parts “normal” salt, 3 parts black pepper, 3 parts paprika in a bowl or dish. (Example: 1 tbl Smoked Salt, 2 tbls salt, 3 tbls black pepper, 3 tbls paparika – it’s basically equal parts salt, black pepper, and paparika, with part of the salt being smoked salt for flavor).

Take ribs, and rub down with spice mixture. make sure that the ribs are evenly coated. on all sides.

Turn the grill down to low. Place ribs on lowest rack, and place about 1/2 a tsp of butter or margarine on each rib. close the lid.

Turn ribs every so often, and cook until done all the way through (I turned mine about every 10 mins for 30-40 mins.) DO NOT OVERCOOK – if you cook until dry, you’ve overcooked your ribs.

Serve with biscuits and lots of paper towels.

I did this tonight, and got more compliments than I expected for something so simple. The menu :
ginger glazed carrots (my Mother-in-Law brought them)
green bean casarole (ditto)
German chocolate cake
blueberry pie
Biltmore Estate (NC) Reisling
Winery at Wilcox (PA) Wedding White

I’ve got about a rack and a half of ribs left, and most of a pie. I sent the cake home with mom.

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  1. catherine says:

    No doubt about it. CLEAN SHAVEN!!! It’s always my answer. NO HAIR!! HAIR = BAD!

  2. alchemist says:

    *begin ehci moment*
    Is that JUST facial hair, or am I in for some uncomfortable stubble?
    *end echi moment*

  3. catherine says:

    hehe…well, I personally, could go without hair anywhere on the body. On the head, Ok…eyebrows…Ok…eyelashes…ok… Everything else can go!

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