Huzzah! Issue 5 of Shonen Jump came in today.

Issue 4 was *LATE*. So late I bought it in the stores the day before it showed up here at the house (after getting an extra of issue 2, I was worried they had gotten a mixup). And now, a little over a week later, Issue 5!

OK, OK. I like comics. Japanese Comics. I think Yu-gi-oh!, Narutu, and Shaman King are the tops for now. At least, those are the ones I have in English.

if only I could read the Young Jump I have. But all I can do is look at the pretty pictures an wonder at the stories they tell.

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  1. agrajag says:

    if you are interested in getting more Naruto, I might be able to point you to some scanslations (of varying quality) up to chapter 158.

  2. alchemist says:

    Y’know, scanslations just don’t work for me, and I dunno. why. Depends on who deos it, I guess. The whole “one jpeg per page” thing makes it hella-awful to read & organize (I tried w/Hikaru and didn’t get apst the first few parts).

    I’m actually wondering about the anime, and if fansubs are out for it yet….

  3. agrajag says:

    I’ve seen or have downloaded all of the Naruto anime up to episode 24. And now that I look, ep 25 is out.

    Check out http://www.animesuki.com.

    I kinda like the anime, but its real slow. Not much happens per episode, and when its in the middle of a story-arc, it spends about 5 minutes at the beginning recapping, then probablly another 5 minutes of random flashbacks to previous episodes, so you only get about 15 min of actual new material. Other than that, its good :)

    I tend to watch the ANBU subs, but Toriyama’s World isn’t that bad.

  4. alchemist says:

    Yeah, I’ve had luck at TW.

    This reminds me – I need to re-sync my Hikaru no Go mirror. And start converting them to DVD/VCD…

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