Had *ANOTHER* talk at R about her game habits Monday night. After asking, then begging her to come to bed a little early. Actually saying that I was begging her to come to bed because I’m tired of going to bed by myself, waking up and leaving before anyone else is awake, and staring at the back of her head most of the evening.

I swear, this is getting crazy. She did point out that this was kind of ironic, me being this way over a game sucking up all her time, since I have been known to do the same thing…only I don’t think I was known to spend 6+ hours a day playing said game for more than a month. (I think we’re at month 4 now) Er, I also don’t spend all my non-game time talking about the people I play the game with, all of who happen to be of the opposite sex.

Yes, I’m jealous. She laughs, but it’s true. And, let’s be honest – I like to think I never neglected the house and such for a game. If I’m going to play, it’s always chores/family stuff first, then playtime. Even the bills come after the rest is done, because if they don’t it won’t get done.

Although, on the flip side, she jumped me last night. Which is turnabout as well, although I have to wonder if she’s just throwing me a bone (pardon the pun) and expecting me to be happy until next week or something.

Not that I’m not happy about the sex, mind you, and yesterday *WAS* the first non-period day she’s had since I got back from DC, but I wonder what would have happened had I not said anything Monday.

She loves me. I know she loves me. I love her. She knows I love her. but this cycle is getting old.

Enough griping. Time to get ready for work….

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Kevin Sonney - who, contrary to popular opinion was NOT raised by wolves - grew up in central North Carolina. He fell into the technology field by accident in 1991, when he gave up the wild and crazy lifestyle of an on-air AM radio DJ to become a mundane technical support monkey. The technology industry has never really recovered from this. Kevin has worked for such names as IBM, Red Hat, webslingerZ, and Lulu Technologies (we won't mention the ones that didn't survive the experience). He currently works as a Linux Administrator for Apptio. In his spare time he rescues stray animals and plays video games with his two sons. His wife, we're sad to say, helps him get past the really hard bits. Kevin is still not very mundane, he just got better at hiding it.
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  1. psychomagnet says:

    Whoever said “Love is all you need” was never married and aching for affection.

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