Building Video DVDs under Linux

OK, I’ve finally got the entire toolchain for recording video DVDs under linux built and installed. At the moment, the process looks to be :

convert video stream to mpeg parts with transcode (the media swiss-army knife)
build dvd-complient mpegs with mplex (from mjpegtools)
build dvd image with makedvd (from the dvdauthor package)
build iso with the latest beta of cdrecord
record dvd with dvd+rw-tools

total time per disk depends on the transcode convert – it’s by far the most time consuming of the bunch.

If all goes well, I’ll be able to build fansub dvds for personal use. Which is why I bought the drive in the first place!

About Kevin Sonney

Kevin Sonney - who, contrary to popular opinion was NOT raised by wolves - grew up in central North Carolina. He fell into the technology field by accident in 1991, when he gave up the wild and crazy lifestyle of an on-air AM radio DJ to become a mundane technical support monkey. The technology industry has never really recovered from this. Kevin has worked for such names as IBM, Red Hat, webslingerZ, and Lulu Technologies (we won't mention the ones that didn't survive the experience). He currently works as a Linux Administrator for Apptio. In his spare time he rescues stray animals and plays video games with his two sons. His wife, we're sad to say, helps him get past the really hard bits. Kevin is still not very mundane, he just got better at hiding it.
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