Need to go to the grocery today.

Went to BJ’s then Mom & Dad’s last night. Nothing too exciting there, except we discovered the joy of pickled peaches. Must mearn how to make those. On the way home Renee and I discussed just that, and I decided I woudl try some of Alton Brown’s pickle recipies, once I got the right stuff (i.e. jars or something) to store them.

I wonder if tupperwear works…..

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  1. fuuangel says:

    *lol* I kind of doubt tupperware would work. Canning jars aren’t all that expensive, though. We sell them at work.

  2. alchemist says:

    I dunno – maybe the ziplock stuff. Dunno if it’ll last months/years, though.

    You’re right, I’ll probably grab a 12-pack at the FL this afternoon. Time for my weekly grocery run…

  3. wander says:

    Tupperware will work but you’d have to store them in the fridge and eat them fast. Go and buy a box of Ball or Kerr Pint or Quart Jars. Walmart sells them as do most hardware stores. I can give you some easy pickling recipes. If you put them up in jars, they will last a year or more. With pickling and any home canning you have to be more aware of bacteria which is why Tupperware is not really the way to go.


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