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Subject: Re: Chickens in the news
From: [email protected]

Rob Adams writes:
> I have been told that the display of a dead crow hanging in the field
> will scare off crows, would dead chickens scare off the chickens.

It might. A Long Time Ago, I lived with 5 friends in a
small building with cheap rent. It wasn’t the most well
maintained place and with 6 punkers living there, it wasn’t
very clean either. We had a problem with cockroaches from
day one. One night whilst all of us were under a heavily
dosed inspiration of cheap beer, Twiggy[0] came up with a
plan to dispell the unwanted insects. She figured that the
sight of impaled cockroach heads would frighten the little
buggers away. We were drunk and frustrated enough to try it.
We placed about 20 of these cockroach heads on pins in various
places where the cockroaches liked to hangout. About a week
later, our cockroach problem dwindled to almost nothing.

Of course, YMMV.

> Maybe I’ll try hanging some dead mormons on the front porch, might
> keep them away, anybody want to buy a couple of pushbikes?

I always wave to them when I see them on their bikes because
they always wave back. I waved at 2 whilst driving home from
ork about a year ago. As one waved back, he lost control of
his bike and plowed into a light pole. Goallllll! :)

[0] She’s now a developer with a mean streak. $deity bless
her, she *still* has her hair dyed black on one side, and
bleached on the other. Picture a punk version of Cruella

Mikey Raeder
“I believe in life, and I also believe in love, but the world
in which I live in keeps trying to prove me wrong”–P.Weller

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