Animazement, part the first

Stuffs I found at the Con :
– The Gunbuster Soundtrack Vol 1
– A Gunbuster Action figure (of the mech himself, with accessories)
– The Bebop Movie on DVD
– The first Area88 DVD (finally)
– That Kimagure Orange Road has a DVD box set, it released today, but the *ONLY* copy at the con is not for sale. I got this form the publisher at his table. They had it shipped out special for the con. However, that means it’ll be at a local store soon.
– The Cowboy Bebop PSX game

There was one outstanding costume pair – a guy did Auron and his GF did Yuna from FFX, and they were really well done. Renee is inspired to try for a costume for next year, but we’re such perfectionists, we’ll either do it right, or not at all. As in, at least place in the contest. If I’m gonna wear a costume, I’m going to win a prize, dammit.

And for mine, I’m gonna have to loose some weight *sigh*

Jacob was a hit with all the vendors, and I finally met Phil Lee in the flesh. Saw the Coup table, bought the t-shirt, and all-in-all had a good time. Renee is much relaxed, since she got out and had fun, and I had Jacob strapped to my chest most of the time.

Now, to go watch some anime… *grin*

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