After coming home from the easter activities yesterday (and a trying time with thee kids on a sugar high, Ray being one of them), settled in with the grumpy baby to watch VH1’s “Ultimate Albums: Legend” and “Legends: Jimi Hendrix” Jacob was too grumpy to try to like a lot of it, but we did get some cuddle time before he got hungry and over-tired.

Today was “normal” – work, dinner, bathtime for the boys, a little PBSKids, and bedtime. Then some DNS gyrations, and a fix for trilug.org. Now, to bed.

FYI – The story of Bob Marley is AMAZING. Since Legend is basically a musical biography, that’s how they told the story of the album – song to song, what was going on in his life as he wrote each one. And yes, the album is in chronological order, from what they said. if I’m wrong, blame VH1. *grin* But after hearing about it all, “Redemption Song” is bittersweet, as he wrote it as his own epitaph.

And listening to it, and hearing the story behind it all, I suddenly realized the power and spirit of the man. it’s no wonder he’s revered around the world – I had felt it, but didn’t know I felt it, until somebody started pointing it out. When you get to look at a person as more than a singer/songwriter, you can see so much more, and understand why the song makes you feel the way you do – I think I’m richer for hearing the music, and knowing the stories makes it better.

I’ve been listening to him all day today. And if I don’t have “exodus” or “no woman no cry” in my head tonight, I’ll be surprised…

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