Sunday wrapup

She forgave me, mostly, by the time we were ready to go to Mom& Dad’s for dinner.

And then it starts again. Except, this time, she’s unhappy with them, now, too. More on that under the cut.

Went home, put Ray to bed, and then re-watched the first Silent Mobius VHS, since we hadn’t seen it in over a year, and only now unpacked all the anime.

Tonight, tape 2, I think. And I have to find some scans of the/a Type 1 Lucifer Hawk….

I admit, my folks aren’t the easiest people to live with. I aught to know. And, their not-so-subtle hints and comments roll off me like water off a duck’s back. But…

…on the subject of their pool : Mom really, really, really wants to take Ray into their pool. And he can’t swim yet. He’s taking lessons, but he’s not ready for a pool where he can’t touch bottom yet. So our stance is, until he’s ready, he doesn’t even get on the deck without Renee or me present.

This seems to displease Mom, and so she makes not-so-subtle references, comments, and questions at improper times – line in front of me and her neighbors.

…about trust: Dad takes Ray to visit the neighbor’s horses. That’s all well and good. The path is well marked, and we know where that is. Last night, Ray wanted to go up to the road, instead of the path, and walk home. Dad thought this was acceptable, and we do not. While Dad may be capable of keeping up with Ray, we feel he should *ASK* before taking Ray places. Especially when it’s Ray’s idea, and not his. Now, I can understand Dad’s PoV, and Renee’s too, but the fit she had over it on the way home was probably over-reacting.

I just hope Renee doesn’t blow a gasket before we talk to them about it…

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