FAnother one flushed down the drain

The beta died. That makes to body count since Saturday:

One neon tetra
One tiger barb
One betta

The betta was just sort of listless yesterday, but we figured the water change monday had something to do with that. This morning, his water temp was about 70, and he was till listless. By 10, most of his fin membrane had just dropped off, and it looked like Ich. Nothing we can’t fix, right?

By 3 s/he was dead. I’ve disposed of the carcase, so renee, who is a bit sensitive to these things right now (pregnancy, maybe?), doesn’t have to see it.

And now she’s just called to say she bought a 2 gallon tank – which means we move the pleco and his water (all that’s left in the one gallon tank) into the two gallon tank, and prep that for the next Beta (and some fish the beta will get along with – black mollies and Sword tails maybe?) and can keep the one gallon for breeding & isolation as needed.

I also picked up two more tiger barbs and some zebra barbs this morning, so the lone tiger barb wouldn’t be lonely. Aside from the fact that the two new ones are twice his size, it’s an instant school. Can a fish look happy?

Now to find a new Betta – I wonder who has green ones in stock….

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  1. badger says:

    This is normal – most fish places I’ve dealt with (limited experience, though) recommend a first batch of fish you assume won’t make it, while balancing everything for the tank.

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