We watched the first four (of five) episodes from the fourth Kenshin DVD last night, and the final episode from that DVD tonight. Considering that we bought three Kenshin DVDs yesterday, we’ve got a lot of watching left to do.

The cool thing about this is we’ve now got almost all of season one – Episodes 1-8 on VHS (2 tapes), And Episodes 9-27 on DVD (four more DVDs). I’ll probably sell the tapes & replace them with the DVDs when I can.

I’m trying to get away form VHS as much as possible. Renee, however, always looks at the VHS rack first, and forgets how sweet DVD really is – I don’t mind buying kid’s videos on VHS, because if we wear those out, it won’t matter in 10 years *grin* – but if we’re unable to view a movie in 10 years because the VHS player broke and we can’t replace it for cheap any more, I’m not gonna be happy.

Hey, in 10 years we lost vinyl records, and I expect VHS will go away as well once DVD player prices drop further. I mean, 33RPM killed 78RPM, CD killed Vinyl records and is now going for cassette tapes – VHS ate Beta and DVD will eventually do the same to VHS.

And anyway, I think DVDs will probably last longer. The $5 extra for the DVD is worth it to me.

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