About the Hockey Game

If you don’t give a rat’s ass about hockey, or sports in general, stop now!

I am normally a season ticket holder. I was broke when the playoff tickets went on sale, and so found someone who (a) wanted the lot, and (b) wants to split next year. Way cool. I didn’t expect the Hurricanes to go to game six of the playoffs – as an eighth seed, that’s unheard of. (OK, this is the tenth team in history to force a game six after starting the series down three games)

So anyway, Dad calls up and says “can you get tickets for tomorrow?” Oh yeah. In the expensive or the nosebleed sections. Guess which I chose?

We sat in Section 202 – that’s the Club mezzanine, and those seats kick ass. A waiter if we want it, there’s a full bar on the refreshments area, and you can see the whole ice at once.

The New Jersey Devils proceeded to hand our asses to us, which is what should have happened Wednesday in game four.

I can give you a critique of how and where the hurricanes blew this one, but I won’t. I will say that their goalie, Arturs Irbe, is going to catch some flack for this loss, when he’s been carrying the for the past two games.

I hope like hell we re-sign him, and get some better defensive players. But since they’ve got until August to work that out (training camp), I’m not worried. I’ll just root for Toronto to beat the shit out of the Devils in round two *grin*

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